CompSci 490U Introduction to User Experience Research

As technology becomes more and more integrated with our work and life, it is increasingly critical to consider how we can better design technology to enhance the experience and behavior of its users. UX Research, or User Experience Research, is an interdisciplinary field that combines knowledge from computer science, design, statistics, and psychology to gather insights about the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of technology users to inspire and inform design.

This course introduces you to the cycle of UX research and aims to prepare you to tackle real-world UX research challenges. You will learn about the principles and practices of UX research, how to conduct user experiments to explore user behaviors and motivations, how to use statistical software to analyze data, and how to present your findings in an effective manner.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1: Intro

Jan 24


Jan 25

Lecture: Introduction

Jan 26


 Jan 27

Lecture: User-Centered Design

Jan 28


Week 2: Learning about Users

Jan 31


Feb 1

Lecture: Needs and Use Cases

Feb 2


Feb 3

Lecture: Interviews and Participants

Feb 4

Assignment 1 Due: UX Around You

Week 3: Learning about Design

Feb 7


Feb 8

Lecture: Research Methods

Feb 9


Feb 10

Lecture: Visual Design Principles

Feb 11

Assignment 2 Due: Use Case

Week 4: Scientific Method

Feb 14


Feb 15

Lecture: Experimental Design

Feb 16


Feb 17

Lecture: Variable Manipulation

Feb 18

Project Phase I: Idea Proposal

Week 5: Experimental Design

Feb 21


Feb 22

(No Lecture)

Feb 23


Feb 24

Lecture: Factorial Design

Feb 25


Week 6: Evaluation Methods

Feb 28


Mar 1

Lecture: Usability Evaluation
Participation: Request Qualtrics

Mar 2

Assignment 3 Due: Factorial Design

Mar 3

Lecture: Survey Design
Participation: Download R and R Studio

Mar 4


Week 7: Statistical Inferences

Mar 7


Mar 8

Lecture: Statistical Inferences Overview

Mar 9


Mar 10

Lecture: Comparing Samples

Mar 11


Week 8 

Mar 14

(Spring Break)

Mar 15

(Spring Break)

Mar 16

(Spring Break)

Mar 17

(Spring Break)

Mar 18

(Spring Break)

Week 9: Data Analysis

Mar 21


Mar 22

Lecture: ANOVAs

Mar 23

Assignment 4 Due: Basic Stats in R

Mar 24

Lecture: Regression

Mar 25


Week 10: UX Workshop

Mar 28

Assignment 5 Due: ANOVA

Mar 29

Lecture: Chi-Square

Mar 30

Assignment 6 Due: Questions

Mar 31

Guest Lecture (Ishaani, Amazon)

Apr 1

Project Phase IIA: Experiment Design

Week 11: Data Presentation

Apr 4

Assignment 7 Due: Chi-Square and Regression

Apr 5

Lecture: Data Visualization 

Apr 6


Apr 7

Lecture: Data Communication Participation: Download Tableau

Apr 8

Project Phase IIB: Revise Experiment Design

Week 12: Human Limitations

Apr 11


Apr 12

Lecture : Persuading Stakeholders+ Data Collection

Apr 13


Apr 14

Lecture: Plotting Your Data 

Apr 15

Project Phase IIIA: Data Collection Progress Report

Week 13: Data Visualization

Apr 18


Apr 19

Lecture:  Memory, Perception, and Persuasion

Apr 20

Project Phase IIIB: Submit Collected Data

Apr 21

Lecture: Cognitive Biases in Data Decision Making

Apr 22

Project Phase IV: Presentation Draft

Week 14: Presentations

Apr 25


Apr 26

Class Presentations Day 1

Apr 27

Assignment 8: Peer Critique Presentations Day 1

Apr 28

Class Presentations Day 2

Apr 29

Assignment 8: Peer Critique Presentations Day 2

Week 15

May 2


May 3


May 4

Project Phase V: Submit Revised Presentation + Summary of Changes
(Last Day of Classes)

May 5


May 6


Week 16

May 9


May 10


May 11


May 12

(Last Day of Finals)

May 13